Humano Morphs

#03 - Ghost Writer

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Amber and her family have just moved into a 100-year old house. While she's exploring the house, she discovers a trunk containing some very old letters ... She accidently drops one of the letters in the mailbox. The very next day, she gets a reply. A ghostly reply all about the family that built the house; their murder; and clues that help Amber solve this horrible crime.


As you can tell from the synopsis, Ghost Writer has it all. There's a real mystery to this story, and it's one that the reader enjoys solving. Any good mystery has power outages, mysterious letters, trunks beneath the floorboards, trips to review old newspaper articles, etc. and this book has all that and more.

It's not short on the action either, especially the climax at the end. There's a real sense of danger, and it's a great read.

It's clear very early in the series that M.D. Spenser definitely knew what he was doing, and that he was going to keep the series fresh for quite awhile. Ghost Writer is a strong third entry and one of the Shivers books that I pull out again and again throughout the years.

Interesting Info

  • The cover has a skeleton using a typewriter in a graveyard. A good picture, but almost humorous if you know what the story is about.
  • The spine/background color is purple, and the shivers logo is a slightly darker purple.
  • The dedication is to John and Daniel.
  • The copyright date is 1996.
  • They move because her dad was mugged. I wonder if it was just a plot device or if something inspired it?
  • The ebook, because of rights issues, has a different cover, which is featured below:

Cover Images