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About Shivers

Shivers is a series of 36 horror novels by author M.D. Spenser. Published in the mid 1990's, the series sold millions of copies all over the world.

The series is known for it's spooky locales and great ambiance. There is usually a deep mystery at the heart of every book, so not only are the readers thrown into scary situations but they're usually on the edge of their seat trying to figure out what's going on. This perspective can really make the reader feel the same things as the main character and can really draw the reader into the story. The series is also known for surprise and sometimes ambigious endings, and while the characters and plots are always resolved, there often remains some horror in the lives of the main characters (or something will happen that will validate the experience).

It's all really a lot of fun!

The author, M.D. Spenser, also wrote the six-book Humano Morph series. He writes various articles, columns, and has a few books in the works.

About this Site

This is a fan site, not officially sanctioned. It's just made and attended by people who enjoy the Shivers series. We read, discuss, create, celebrate, what-have-you. Don't forget to bookmark us; we appreciate your visit.